Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Remember...Do YOU?

Thanks for the video, my Tennessee connection, Judith Hicks.

I've got three more to add:

The Good Humor Man pedaling his three wheel cart on your block, jingling the bells. You run to catch up to him because your mom delayed agreeing that you could have an ice cream but finally acceded as you promise to eat your entire supper. In his white uniform & cap asks, "What 'el you have" You ask for a Toasted Almond on a stick. He would open the box door, searching around to find your treat as the "smoke" rises up out of the dry ice refrigerated box. You think to yourself, please, oh please don't be out of Toasted Almond or you will have to go with your backup, an Orange Creamsicle. Then his arm rises out of the cold box like a magician pulls a rabbit out of a hat & hands it to you. You're all smiles. You hand him the money and he gives you your change from the shiny metal changer he has strapped to his waste. You watch him operate the magic changer, how does that thing work?

The Soda Fountain/Candy/Comic Book store. You climb on the soda fountain stool with the red vinyl top. The soda jerk asks for your order, what you really want is a Banana Split or a Hot Fudge Sunday but your mom only gave you enough for a soda, so out of your mouth comes. "chocolate egg cream". You watch him select the coke glass, depress the pump labeled "Chocolate", add the milk, and rotate the lever of the seltzer water (fissy) and places it on the counter in front of you. You wonder, how does he get the froth on top to be snowy white?

Baseball Card Bubble Gum: Boy oh day I opened the Bazooka wraper and I got the rare Gill Hodges of the Brooklyn Dodgers! WOW! My friend wanted to trade me Roy Campanella & Duke Snider ....NO WAY!


  1. George, a most excellent video. I enjoyed every minute of it and remembered everything mentioned. I'm fully qualified to accept the title of "old geezer."

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  3. George, Thanks for that. I don't remeber a lot of those things, but I do recall my Dad whistling us in for dinner and being more afraid of what he was going to do if I got in to trouble than whoever else was doing the discipline!